Buy cgtinker a coffee


Hey, cgtinker here 👋

My current goal is to make augmented reality available for the blender community. I've started the development of 'blendartrack' in my thesis and want to keep developing for the community.

Resources and tools I provide are free for you to use, but running the project and web content is not. While I enjoy creating tools for you, it takes me a lot of time to produce them. If my work is valuable for you, consider a donation to fund the project.

I'd love to create content and tools which are available for everyone. I try to keep this up aslong as I can and hope the community enables me doing so!

I'm a 27 years old indie developer and artist. As I love the blender community I was planning to contribute something for quiet some time. Actually I started of with 3D doing VFX about 4 years ago and got into AR, VR and WebGL pretty quickly. By now, I'm more on the developer side, but I still love to work with 3D and usually try to optimize workflows while doing so.