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Fifty $5 coffee cards delivered to the R ...

Fifty $5 coffee cards delivered to the Royal Alexandra Hospital Emergency Department

Oct 30, 2021

I lined up at to wait in the (full) ambulance garage at the public entrance. Once the patients ahead of me were cleared by and screened by the screener, I said hello.

Security asked me if I was there to see a doctor. I said no and held up the stack of cards. Told him I had some coffee cards to deliver to the ED and he waved me over to the screener. Gave her my usual spiel and she didn't really know what to say.

She called up her charge nurse and a few minutes later she came through the doors. Told her how the cards came to be and about the 168 Albertans that chipped in to make it happen. She asked for my info - her manager might want to say thank you.

I told I can't imagine how hard they were working and the thanks were all for them

Three more donors so our total is now up to $5733.65. I have ~6 depts worth of coffee left with 880 cards ($4400) delivered to 28 depts.

The full #CoffeeforHCWsAB story is here:

Tomorrow night I'm visiting the Walter Mackenzie (U of A) 5D3/5D4 units - an anonymous nomination: "The staff are fatigued with all the losses, codes and constant putting on and taking off of PPE."

Nominate a department here:

An important note: Throughout this crazy journey it's important to know that I've always represented myself and only myself as a citizen. My views, opinions, this endeavour is of my own accord and not that of my employer. Without 168 of you, none of this would have been possible.

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