Another busy ED, as seen with this ambulance waiting for their turn to unload their patient. The security guard was the same from when I dropped at the ICU here!

He immediately recognized me and stood up asking how I was. Told him these were from the ED - he was super excited. Really excited. He went over and tapped himself into behind triage and told one of the nurses who I was and what I was doing.

He had me come up to the plexiglass and I handed over the cards, explained my usual spiel. She was rather surprised. Asked if they were to share them with the ICU and I said "no, these are all for you folks down here." Recognizing they were busy, I said my goodbye.

The security guard caught up with me on the way out and said "good on you man." I just thanked him for what he was doing to keep all of them safe in there.

The #CoffeeforHCWsAB total is $5634.00 from 164 donors. I have 9 depts worth of coffee left with 780 cards ($3900) delivered to 26 departments.

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Tomorrow night I'm visiting the Walter Mackenzie (U of A) Emergency dept with 50 cards.

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