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Well I do like bubble tea...

May 08, 2021

This is something very new for me. I can barely price my shop products to gain a profit, so "asking" for money just for being on the internet is very strange and awkward for me. Though, because we live in the post-Marie-Kondo era, I like the idea of people being able to be patrons to my art without necessarily buying a specific product. I also want to be able to create content, like my posts on mental health, for anyone who wants to follow along without requiring a pay wall subscription. And if any of you kind folk who see my work want to throw a tip into the jar, it's much appreciated! Know that your donation will go toward allowing me to continue exploring my creative journey, care for my mental health, educate others on mental illness, and of course, buy delicious bubble tea. Please let me know if there is specific content you would like to see me create! Thank you so much for visiting my page today :)

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