This might sound weird to many, but testing mouse clicking speed is a trend in itself. Today’s world is very much about online gaming. Gone are the days when gamers were people who found their shelter in some dark and dingy basement. Gaming is a ‘real’ thing now. You not only play, but you also get to interact with people all-round the globe. This way you get to play with different kinds of people, explore a number of cultures, and also expand your intellectual horizons. In these gaming battlegrounds, if you cannot click fast enough, you shouldn’t even try playing. If you are new to the world of gaming, you would definitely have to buckle up your click-speed to match with the already fierce gaming generation. But, before we move ahead, do you know your click speed yet? Well, if not, you need to learn that before anything else. 

Click speed is measured in CPS, that is, click per second. As the name suggests, it is basically the record of the number of clicks one can perform per second. If you know your click speed, you can easily predict how well you are going to perform in a gaming tournament. 

So, the question is, how exactly can you test your clicking speed? 

The first and foremost way to measure your clicking speed, or your CPS, is by analysing and comparing your gaming performance with somebody else’s. The relation between your gaming performance and your CPS is particularly interdependent. So, in a way, your gaming performance can very well tell you about your clicking speed. 

If not that, there are several websites on the web that provide you with the opportunity to test your click speed. We can call them games, but let’s not. These websites are made with a simple interface, with the single purpose of letting you click on a certain surface and track your speed. One of the very popular click-speed testing websites is Clicks Test

The whole process is very simple. Follow the below-mentioned process on the website to know your CPS:

  1. Check on the duration you want to take the test for.

  2. Click on the marked area.

  3. Immediately after your first click, start clicking repeatedly.

  4. Your score would appear as soon as the time runs out. 

Now that you know what CPS, you will understand that the higher the number of clicks are in the given time, the better your click speed is. 

Factors to consider before taking the click speed test:

  1. Make sure that you have an uninterrupted internet connection. The scores cannot be aptly measured until your internet connection is continuous. 

  2. Check your hardware device. The device that is going to feed the input from your part (let’s say, your mouse) must be well connected, and its switches must work fine. 

  3. Get a good mouse if you think yours isn’t working fine. There are many brands in the market that manufacture amazing gaming mouse. 

  4. Try to make no, or very little movement with your hand. The stiffer you are, the better your score would be. 

Final Words

If gaming is that important for you, make sure that you work well with your click speed. If you check it and don’t find it good enough, try practising clicking methods in your free time. It would take a while, but with the right practice, you can surely be the king of the gaming world.