As thousands of popular games are available on the google play store, it is very difficult to search out the best one so that even by playing it many times, you cannot become fed up or bored. So this article surely helps the one who wants to select the best android games with more fun and enjoyment. Below I mention some of the best free mobile and pc games by describing each game's features and reviews. You can download all the games for free on pc from Gaming Beasts.

The most popular free android games are:-

Candy crush saga

Candy crush saga is one of the most popular android games that all people, even the children, the young ones, and the agers, can enjoy because it is effortless to play but difficult to become a master in the game. You have to do in the game matches the same candies and then vanish by scoring it.

It includes many stages to find it more interesting by playing its more levels as their graphics, and the sounds effects are unique because it plays when you are playing the game. However, its features are imposing, so if anyone finds difficulty choosing the best mobile and pc games, they must try it. Indeed you will also find it too much unique.

Subway surfer

Subway surfer is one of the super games for the refreshments, so anyone looking for an enjoyable match must play it. The game provides a very calm environment with a little child who has to collect the coins by jumping and dodging in the gameplay. It is one of the complete enjoyment games, and by playing it, you feel completely free without any stress in your mind. The game features are superb as if anyone starts it playing once, cannot even leave for many hours by continuing playing it.

The game offers some of the multiple characters like jake, fresh, tricky, and many more to play. It includes rides such as jets, rockets and hoverboards, so by adopting a rocket, the colorful environment occurs, and you can touch the sky. You also get many rewards in the form of free coins, box hampers include gifts, and sometimes the free hoverboards are available so that you can use them with extra fun in a difficult time.

Angry bird classic

Angry bird is not only a game, but it is also a brand, and people found it difficult who is playing for the first time but undoubtedly, you are enjoying it once you start playing it. In this game, you have some of the birds that are too much angry, so you have to break many obstacles so that other birds get free by using these birds.

It includes 680 levels with 15 challenging episodes, and you do not require the internet to play free mobile and pc games. The sound effect and the graphics are more impressive as it involves many features that attract more people to play the game.

Temple run

Almost all people enjoy the game very much as it is one of the most downloaded games on the google play store and contains more ratings and reviews. You have to collect more and more coins as it will be there on the road in a risky way because a monster monkey follows you, and you have to run faster by gaining the coins. It makes you more excited about how much you can survive in the game from the temple monster monkey.

You have to fastly run and jump by side many of the obstacles that come in between and collect more coins to become more powerful. As the monkey will try more to catch you by throwing some bugs on you, but you have to play very safely by using your mind. Thus this game improves your ability by playing it very efficiently.

Pubg Mobile

The last of the game is mobile PUBG, as many players can enjoy the game. The game offers you deathmatches, team-based battles, 100 players battles, and many more. You will have to survive in the game by going through the very most challenging situation, and you are offered a lot of unique features that help you save yourself if you can safely use it.

One of the awarded game of the year 2018 and offers good sound effects with providing reliable graphics. The games consist of various battlegrounds and a variety of gamepads. This is more growing as the people got addicted and plays continue for many of the hours. You have to require proper internet speed to play.