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Hey 👋 we just created a page here. You can now buy us a beer!

At Channel F Studios, we have a simple motto: laugh more, live longer. Our goal is to make you laugh as much as possible. We do parody, satire, and yes, sometimes low-brow humor as well. We have long form sketches, short skits, and fake news.

We believe no topic is off the table when it comes to comedy. As the great comedic actor John Cleese has said, "All comedy is critical." It is through comedy that we are able to point out the absurdities of the human condition. It gives us the chance to laugh while we are learning. If a topic is off limits, then how can we possibly learn and grow to our full potential?

We invite you to check out our comedy. If you like our style, want to laugh, and possibly learn something along the way, please consider supporting us so we can continue to make more comedic content just for you!

Frank and Laura