This is the livestream Zoia and I did Yesterday, my very first ever attempt to create some art with pencil and paint. My husband has not seen me draw or paint ever, in the 27 years we have been together. You were all good support with the "Just Do It" so I did ;-)

Mimosa art challenge was created by Zoia Skoropadenko and blessed by Princesse Nina of Principality of Seborga which is the capital of Mimosa in Liguria.
Zoia wants to shake a bit art creators around the world by celebrating a wonderful season of Mimosa.
The art visuals will be shown on the website of Principality and hopefully when we all can travel it will make a great exhibition in Seborga of Mimosa!

We have our own BuyMeACoffee #MimosaArtChallenge Gallery with our community, check it out:
We will keep on adding Artworks of our ChantalTV community, so please keep creating.