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We live in a time of change. A change few felt coming. 

“With The Chaøs Chrønicles, we discover a world that will soon be a blurred memory through the eyes of nomadic duo, a father and daughter wandering between utopia and distopia. With no pre-set plan and little to no budget but hungry for experiences, they travel the world often stepping off the pre-decided tracks, guided by the encounters.

By the age of 20, Mayliss already traveled over 50 countries learning from these experiences. The work she presents with Lukas, her father, is an exploration at the cross line of art, documentary and ethnology. 

Mixing media of all forms ranging from videos, painting and installations, even spoken words the Chaøs Chrønicles project is born from their inspiring journey.

Every piece of the work is a key that gives us access to a unique point of view." 

We just got the copyrights of the original serie "Fragments" back, that we started for Arte Creative France in 2014. 

As the turn of this new era is locking us a little more everyday in our borders, our home, we realized it would give our nomadic project a new meaning. It is the perfect time to take our work further. We are now making the first 5 existing / edited episodes available in English/Spanish/French and German. 

We are also developping new episodes we'll release on a regular basis alongside with dedicated content on our Youtube Channel. 

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The project is since day one self financed, possible only thanks to the support of our followers and sponsors.

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