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Bronze Level
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Would you like to work with me on a 1-1 basis every month?  We will work together to create one guided meditation recording that's personalised especially for your needs and goals. You will then receive the recording as an audio file to work on all month long before we take the next step. 
One personalised guided meditation per month
Silver Level
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This silver package allows you to benefit from personalised meditation recordings every week, supporting your mental health and wellbeing on a truly deep level. Receive help and guidance to achieve your goals in life with Chloe.
One personalised guided meditation per week
Gold level
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Per month
Become one of only five people to be able to work with me at this gold level. You will receive weekly personalised guided meditations plus one life coaching session with me per month. Let me take you by the hand and help you manage stress and make those dreams come true!
One personalised guided meditation per week plus one life coaching session per month

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Chaos to Calm with Chloe. Offering live guided meditations as well as 1-1 tuition and coaching.

Invest in calming your mind from this chaotic modern world we live in and reap the rewards in terms of health and well-being.