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Free Giveaway Update and THANKS TO YOU A ...

Free Giveaway Update and THANKS TO YOU ALL!

Oct 24, 2021

Where does time go? I had scarcely posted out my Henry XL in September - a timely arrival for one of my Discord members, Dalton, who's old Henry had nearly given up the ghost, and we're nearly through October, so I thought I'd update you all on this month's giveaway.

I did a video back in December last year detailing my Top Tools for 2021, and at Number 2 on the list was my Dewalt 92 bit tool roll. Now, I've got a much larger Makita bit set * which I've had for a number of years and used to take on all our install jobs in the soft furnishings business, but it's a big old set, best suited for static use in a workshop.

So what I love about the DeWalt tool roll * is that it's so convenient and portable. You could keep it in the kitchen drawer or just sling it into your tool bag if you're on the move. In fact a great carpenter friend who's worked for me a lot in the old day job has my old one. I accidentally left it with him after a job and told him he could have it. A Makita man by habit, who's out on different jobs every day of the week, he couldn't have been happier.

The good thing about these tool rolls is you can upgrade components as the originals get worn out or need upgrading, and in fact you'll see from the visual below that I'm including a Bosch universal drill bit set *. Why? Because for us DIYers it's a bit of a result when you've got a drill bit that you can drill into any walls without worrying about the substrate - be that cement, concrete, wood or metal. Also, I wasn't massively impressed with the concrete drill bits that come with the tool roll, so this way, you can either keep this separate and wait for the Dewalt bits to wear out, or just slip the Bosch bits straight into the roll.

So here it is, and this will be heading out to this month's winner of the Free Prize Draw that I'll be running on 1st November.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank ALL OF YOU who have kindly bought me a coffee or three, and also to those who have signed up so far for Buy Me a Coffee Membership and therefore access to our Discord chat forum. I couldn't be more proud of what we're all creating over on Discord. First and foremost it's an incredibly friendly group of like minded people, but it's also attracting some wonderful expertise, from professional electricians, carpenters, painters, medial robot gurus through to IT experts - and apologies to everyone else who I've left off the list - and everyone is so giving of their knowledge and advice. I for one have received so much guidance from Dalton and Thomas on electrical issues (not my strong point) - so I've got to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU ALL!

*The links above are Amazon affiliate links - it doesn't cost you any extra to buy through them but if you do, you help me as I get a small commission on each purchase.

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