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My First Post!

My First Post!

Jul 04, 2021

So I just want to say a massive thanks to you all for jumping on board my nascent BMC channel - and an even more epic thank you to my founder members - Eddie, Shahziab and Toby (as at 1.45pm today!) :)

Now that I'm doing this full time the income I get from those annoying ads you see on my YouTube videos just isn't predictable enough, so I've been mulling over for some time how to make this crazy creator lark more sustainable. I've been running the rule over so many options recently, from Patreon, to perhaps creating my own platform on my website, but I was listening to Google News on the Hub in our kitchen just yesterday and someone quite clued up on these things mentioned BMC, and several hours later, here we are - exciting times ahead, both for me and hopefully for you lovely people!

It's been quite a hectic week getting the decking video licked into shape. Generally the way I work these days (it was very different back in the beginning) is to research each video first, which often involves talking to suppliers, to glean as much info and knowledge from them as possible.

I then film everything as I go, and then I'm often faced with a daunting array of often well over 100 videos to go through and edit into some sort of acceptable form - oh and I have a whole load more videoing for the script that I overlay on top. So the decking video edit has pretty much taken all week.

What's Next?

Extractor Fan Video: Well, in terms of what I've got planned, next week I've got a bathroom fan video to do. Our fan has been out of action for a few months now, and the poor guy at Extrafanworld who sent me a fan a year ago has had to be extremely patient, and as with so many of my vids, the vid has morphed from what was going to be a simple like for like replacement, to a bit more of an odyssey into fans in general, and which one's right for each situation.

Outdoor Seating: will hastily follow. I will literally get killed by my other half if I let another summer go by without building the outdoor seating - which I bought a year ago from a company down in Somerset. So watch out for a siberian larch wood outdoor seating ensemble which will look suspiciously like Neptune's finest (all being well).

Hot tub cover: you probably saw that hot tub in my decking oil video. Whilst the hot tub itself is fantastic quality (Laz-Z Spa St Moritz) the inflatable cover is hopeless. I've fixed twelve leaks already and it's still leaking air like a sieve. So rather like my wheel barrow that now has a solid wheel (revelation that) I've decided to make a new cover out of 100mm insulation. The 2 sheets cost me £100 - building material costs have shot up post Covid. So in between all my other jobs, I've got this to do urgently, before my son who has autism comes home this weekend. I've promised the hot tub will be up and running again.....

Chat Forum: but that's enough about what I'm up to for today. What will really make this Channel fun and exciting is interaction with you. So let's get that Discord Forum buzzing. I think you have to download the Discord App, open an account, and when you connect that up with Buymeacoffee you'll automatically be invited to my server. Any questions about anything, just ping me a comment here or through the Discord forum.

Thanks so much again, everyone. With your help, let's make this something pretty cool.

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