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Charlie here, Patreon closed our accounts  for the animals without any advance warning, so we are happy to have found This Platform to continue to bring you our videos and posts so far uncensored! We love you all so much! 👋  You can now buy me a coffee!
Jennifer Abrams
Jennifer Abrams is now a member.
Aaron Jesse
Aaron Jesse is now a member.

So Very grateful you both. Thank you for you unwaivering persistance. LOVE YOU TWO SO VERY MUCH!! TRUTH & LOVE.

Aaron. WE LOVE YOU SO VERY MUCH....🥰💫💥thank you for all that you Do... thank Q for your love and support... with love Coll and Charlie and the fur warriors
[email protected] is now a member.

Hi Charlie & Colleen, Love you guys I can't believe all the lies we have been told.I've wanted to know God from a little child and Catholism and protestantism took me down some strange paths. I want to know the truth so I can be set free from my left brain and enter the right door. Thanks for sharing your faith. Peace and joy, Lorenzo

Lorenzo...we know how you feel...this game was rigged by some very left brained ppl.... those ppl are now getting their just desserts...thank God... now we can get to the real truth and spread it through out the land.. Returning to Kind Man...💥💫🥰 all our love Charlie and Coll

Catherine Hunter
Catherine Hunter is now a member.

A worthy cause. Delighted to contribute.

Candice johansen
Candice johansen bought 3 coffees.