Like Summer Breeze and A Horse With No Name, this is another Alchemical song about raising the Sacred Feminine Within Us, to bring our Christ Consciousness to God...and this song resonates with us in a very unique and different way too...this track is also about the FEEL of the song, as well as the lyrics (which are brilliant), and it too leaves us feeling very connected to it, long after the song has played...and I believe this is the case with these songs because they capture a FREQUENCY that is very God-like, and seamlessly connect to the lyrics, which all focus upon our innate desire to Seek for God as if our Lives depended upon it...

The lyrics to the song's opening two verses reveal so much to us,

"I remember standin' on the corner at midnight
Tryin' to get my courage up
There was this long lovely dancer in a little club downtown
Loved to watch her do her stuff

Through the long lonely nights
She filled my sleep
Her body softly swayin'
To that smokey beat
Down on mainstreet
Down on mainstreet"

Bob Seger used a real life experience as a young man, trying to find himself and what life was all about by stealing downtown late at night, as a Metaphor for Raising the Sacred Feminine Mother's energy (Kundalini) upwards, bringing our Christed Energy Home to God...he was "trying to get my courage up", was a perfect simile for raising our Christ Consciousness, while the "long, lovely dancer in a little club downtown" perfectly represented our suppressed Kundalini Energy trapped down in the Root, Muladhara Chakra...and "through the long, lonely nights she filled my sleep, her body softly swaying to the smokey beat" was a gorgeous allegory for being in Deep Meditation, as the Twin Serpents of the Kundalini Energy Rise thru the Chakras with the aid of Incense...and Mainstreet is YOUR SPINE!!! Jacob's Ladder...the "33 years of Jacob's Ladder" Rising...

Down on Mainstreet is simply another Brilliant composition by a legendary singer/songwriter who did NOTHING but write incredible songs about God's Creation...and Bob Seger was always known for his Great backup band, the Silver Bullet Band, and together they created Alchemical music that raised our Silver Mother, while putting silver bullets into the LIES of the ruling Vampires...

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy this incredible track to the glory of God, and please remember friends that Colleen and I take care of 56 Animals here at our Animal Rescue Sanctuary, if you can comfortably afford to donate a little towards the costs of caring for our precious Family, we would greatly appreciate it...if you cannot afford to help, you can help in other ways, including sending us your Intentions of Love, of Strength and of can send a monetary donation to: