If you can wrest your mind away from the mesmerizing acoustic melody created by Young on his Guitar, and focus your Inner self upon the lyric, you can easily see how Neil Young is speaking to the ultimate 'Old Man', God...

"Old man, look at my life Twenty-four, and there's so much more

Live alone in a paradise That makes me think of two

Love lost, such a cost Give me things that don't get lost

Like a coin that won't get tossed

Rolling home to you"

24 = 6, which is the Journey of Man to seek for God...and on this Paradise of Earth, it always makes us think of TWO, the Child and God reuniting in Heaven Upon Earth...but we Prodigal Sons and Daughters must stop getting lost in our DIME Brain (Left), and toss that coin to the RIGHT, so that we can ROLL THE ROCK back home to God...

"Old man, take a look at my life I'm a lot like you

I need someone to love me The whole day through

Ah, one look in my eyes

And you can tell that's true"

And if we are honest with ourselves, just One Look in our own Eyes, we can easily see that without God we are lost, and vulnerable to despair, where Satan awaits us in the realm of Anger, Judgment and Doubt...

Knowing God Always starts with having Faith that he will save us, but you can't FAKE this sentiment, you have to be ALL IN with God "the whole day through"...so, Cast thy Net to the Right...Today...and cling to the OLD MAN's Love with all your Might...