For all those that still think that nothing is happening, this is a quick recap of the last 3 days alone...

⚠️3 days ago on 4/15 “(q) the storm raider” posts on twitter that potus is 100% insulated and removed from maralago by special forces for security

⚠️qfrogman is 305th military intel battalion (what has been described as the “kraken” by General McInerney) and specoperator17 is 111th military intel brigade (the one Flynn was head of) AND is on personal security detail for potus!!! These 2 milint patriots always say if they go dark for a while, its to give us a heads up an op is in play and they will post when they can... 🔥Frogman and SpecOp17 have barely posted since 4/15🔥

⚠️Whiplash has been offline since 4/15

⚠️Ghostezra has reposted the Kennedys singing “Timber” today and hinted yesterday about (1) free unlimited Tesla energy (2) 1776 birthing pains (3) that Kamala’s real identity (the actress Kamala) will be revealed soon (4) twitter and jack are down/dead/dying

⚠️official military twitter accounts this past week have been nonstop decoded as hinting at The Event, NCSWIC (aka EBS), Readiness, and Gesara

⚠️ilDonaldo twitter posted several videos recently ejecting byedin from office and replacing with trumpybear

⚠️army corp of eng + other gov twitter accounts have been posting about flood warnings, storm, and electrical storms

⚠️dc drains/streets are literally flooding

⚠️lin wood openly endorsed q at the Oklahoma convention yesterday

⚠️jim caviezel debuted their trailer for “Sound of Freedom” movie (to be released Q4 this year) about child trafficking and openly explained adrenochrome to the normies at this event

⚠️this morning belarus president saved from assassination attempt/coup d’etat bc he is one of the last countries standing up to the cabal

⚠️blm/antifa riots broke out across the country a few days ago but last night NG officially stepped in and started helping PD make arrests at gunpoint. Military is in control

⚠️more FF shooting than weve ever seen in single days and back to back days to flood the media with a narrative change

⚠️castro regime in cuba ended, haiti pm resigned, former imo gov arrested