At 3:15pm (3+1+5=9) on August 6th, 2020, President Donald Trump gave his famous Golden "Middle Man" speech from the Whirlpool factory in Ohio, with 17 golden boxes holding Washing Machines on stage, with the words,


On them...Trump's hair was Gold, his Skin was Gold, and there was a Golden Halo around the Centre Whirlpool Washer Box...this was the speech that Trump said he had to go away for a few days, but, not to worry, he would be back...and how the Prices of everything were massively inflated because there was a Hidden Middle Man in the world jacking prices up by as much as 90%...and that we needed to somehow "wash away" this Middle Man and return prices to a 10th of what they currently are...

OK...Ohio was the 17th State to enter into Union, there were 17 Golden Washer Boxes on Stage, and the Gematria for the words, Washer Laveuse Lavadora is 233...what else is 233 you ask???

John Fitzgerald Kennedy
The Lord Jesus Christ
Philosophers Stone
Follow the White Rabbit
Kidnap Joe Biden to do List
Death Comes out of the Ark
President Abraham Lincoln
Timing is Everything

So, what was President Trump showing and telling us in Plain Sight on that fateful day??? That he and Jesus Christ, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, were completing their task to Whirlpool, or DRAIN THE SWAMP of the Cabal, that they were going back to the Vatican to formally transfer over ALL of the Vatican Bank assets to the New Quantum Financial System, and to Destruct the Federal Reserve Banking System, meaning, that on those 3 days, we became GOLDEN once again, as Trump and JFK removed the Federal Reserve Banking Control Mechanism from the Face of the Earth, and gave back to EVERYONE, a solvent system of wealth based upon Gold and Silver...why? Because there was no longer any MIDDLE MAN...PARASITES...CABAL...

Thank you Lord Jesus, Thank you President Trump, Thank you Vice President John F. Kennedy Jr. and thank you to GOD, wherein lies ALL POWER (74), who gave to us the Messiah (74), Jesus (74)...

With Love,

Charlie Freak