• Clairvoyance: “clear seeing” - the ability to receive psychic information through colors, images, visions, dreams, and symbols via your “inner sight” or mind’s eye 

Signs That You’re Clairvoyant 

  • Please note when I say this. I believe everyone has the capacity to utilize any of the Clairsenses. However sometimes one or two of the senses may come easier than others. 

  1. You  experience dreams differently than others. You are more likely to reach your REM cycle a bit faster than others and have more dreams at night than the average person. These dreams are usually a lot more vivid and may stick with your memory unlike other people. These dreams may also be prolific in some way. 

  2. You tend to day dream more than your peers. You may catch yourself in day dreams multiple times through the day. Almost as if you’re living in a world inside your head. This is due to the fact that visualization is a huge factor with clairvoyance. 

  3. You see flashes of light, fuzzies, orbs, or shadows that aren’t seen by other people. This actually used to freak me out a little before I understood what it meant. Often times though when I’d see these things it would be like a confirmation for whatever I was thinking at that time. Usually this your guides or spirits around you. 

  4. You can see auras around people. This for me has happened most often when a message is needing to be relayed to someone. Usually seen best with a lighter background color behind the person’s aura you’re reading. These give information of what a person is feeling or going through. 

  5. You have a vivid imagination. When you’re given a prompt to visualize something, let’s say a green frog for example. You’re able to see not only that but the finer details of the animal. Maybe even its habitat. Same thing goes with reading, you’re able to picture everything in your mind. Almost like you’ve entered a whole other world. Again being able to visualize clearly is a big sign you have this gift. 

  6. You catch shadows or figures out of the corner of your eye. This is pretty self explanatory, but if you catch yourself checking twice over your shoulder because you thought you saw someone where no one is. It’s likely a spirit crossing through or even residual energy from the past. However, I’ll likely make a post later on about different types of spirits and energy in the future. 

  7. You’re very future oriented and good at planning ahead. It may be easier for you to envision what will happen ahead of time. You may be more likely to pack things for emergencies just in case because you can just see it happening. You likely see the end result of things from just the planning stages. 

  8. You’re able to see how things work together. Whether this is seeing in your mind why a pipe is leaking or just seeing other peoples perspectives. You usually see the whole parts to a problem and how they all work (or don’t) together! 

  9. You may be more attracted to hobbies like painting, drawing, or just art in general. It’s easier for you than others to find appreciation in the meaning and symbolism behind pictures and art. You also have a simpler time at putting the visions in your head onto paper or canvas. 

  10. You have a strong sense of direction. Have you ever been lost on a street without a roadmap? I know it’s often unheard of in this day and age, but people who have clairvoyance are often able to visualize a road map in their minds. Especially when you’re practicing clairsentience as well, it’s a lot easier for you to just see and feel what street will get you to your destination. 


Exercise 1: Visualization 

As stated previously, your imagination and ability to visualize is key to working with your clairvoyance. So, take time to ground yourself as clairvoyance in my personal experience requires more focus. There will be an article posted on ways I ground. When you ground yourself and get to the point where you focus your energy on between your eyes on your forehead to your third eye. Start to visualize a scene. In this case, a park… Start to see the sunshine through the trees, what kind of wood the bench is made from, how many kids are running around and laughing. Is one playing on the monkey bars? Another on the swings? What color is the grass? Are there any flowers? Can you tell what season it is? After you visualize go through these questions and confirm what you remember seeing. The more practice you have remembering these visualizations the more keen your clairvoyance is going to be. 

Exercise 2: Symbols

This is a technique I’ve picked up from a psychic medium and author by the name of Melanie Barnum. In her books, she suggests going through your ABCs or even just things around your room and visualizing them and what the symbolism of them mean to you. For example, A for an apple. What color is it? Does it shine? Do you see it on a desk in your mind or is it in a fruit bowl? Or even a black background. Does it look realistic or cartoonish? These are all questions that can help you in understanding just HOW you will see things clairvoyantly. Now we take a look at the symbolism behind it. What is more distinct to you? Do you see an apple as temptation like in the story of Adam and Eve? Or as a gift to a teacher you’re fond of? Or perhaps the fruits of your labors. At the end of the day, these meanings are personal to you. Whatever feels right, go ahead and write this down in your symbolism journal. Later on when communicating with Spirit you can look back and have a clear meaning of what’s being communicated.

Exercise 3: Application 

In this exercise you will need another person. So go ahead and find a friend to help you with this. I’ve mentioned before in previous posts on the clairsenses how I would have a friend give me just the name of the place and I start to interpret what I see. That’s just what you will be doing. It’s important not to look up any information and leave the research to the person assisting you with this exercise. Of course ground yourself before you begin. For me with clairsentience being one of my most used clairs, I like to feel out things before I start focusing on my third eye to use my clairvoyance personally. Like I’ve mentioned before some clairsenses come easier than others and can help lead you into another. In my case, clairsentience helps lead me into getting clairvoyant information. However if other clairsenses do this for you ask questions like this to yourself: What are you hearing? (clairaudience) What are you smelling? (clairallience) What are you tasting? (clairaugustance) What are you thinking? (claircognizance) What are you feeling? (clairsentience) So on and so forth. 

Once you’re able to connect through another clairsense or you just feel connected in general. Start asking questions pertaining to the place at hand. What’s the history of the land? Are there any spirits or guides who want to show themselves? Can they show you who there are in life? What do they look like? Is there anything they’d like to show you? 

When you’ve felt you’ve received all the information you can and have written things down. Compare your notes with the research your friend has done. Does anything stick out to what you see? Perhaps the spirit you saw was well known on the property. It’s important when you do this, not to dismiss the things you see. You never know the significance it could’ve had or even if it’s symbolism for what has happened. 

Tip 1. Keeping Track of Your Dreams 

Keep a dream journal! Or even jot them down in your Notes app on your phone. Whatever vivid details or symbols you can remember can really give you the keys to really interpreting them. Prolific dreams don’t always present how one might think. Often times you see a brief interpretation of the scenario that would give insight to the future. It also can help clear up anything going on within you subconsciously. I’ve been documenting and interpreting my dreams since high school and I can’t tell you how many times this helped me gain more insight on the bigger picture or just predicted certain events.  

Tip 2. Thinking Ahead  

If you ever go somewhere new, I recommend carrying a journal on the way and closing your eyes to visualize what you might see or experience while you’re there. Then reflect after the trip and see what all came true. 

Examples of Clairvoyance 

Clairvoyance happens to be my second to best clairsense so I have quite a few experiences with it. I tend to exercise it most when I work doing mediumship readings and tarot in general. 

One of my favorite instances of communicating with Spirit with my clairvoyance is a time when my Aunt was extremely ill and had been in the hospital a few days. I had finally got to get in touch with her and I started to feel my Mawmaw Willie come through. Then she showed me a memory of the two of them together. My aunt had to be 4-5 years old at the most and she was sitting with our Mawmaw in an older antique looking chair. I watched my aunt take off my Mawmaw’s glasses and wear them. They were both laughing. I ended up relaying the message over to my Aunt and she confirmed this was a joke between them in her youth. 

A really fun story I love to share and is a good example of clairvoyance is the story about Jacob. Let’s just start off with letting you know, Jacob is a dog. My step uncle and his wife’s dog. This story begins with me waking up from a nap and to my step uncle and aunt showing up to visit. Of course with their dog. He’s a chubby jack russell-chihuahua mix and he goes everywhere with them. And I mean everywhere. I was still in this weird haze when they got there and I didn’t really talk just mostly listened to their conversation. Then I started making eye contact with Jacob. In my mind I started seeing images of sausage links and cheese crackers. And I’m just staring at this dog like, this you? He’s looking back at me like yep. So I ask my step aunt, “Does Jacob eat sausage links and cheese crackers?” And her face lit up, “How did you know that? His favorite snacks he likes to eat are Jack Links Sausages and Ritz.” Whole time I’m still staring at Jacob because I’m just as shook. I think it’s like common knowledge that animals have this sort of sixth sense. But I didn’t expect that to mean they can use that to communicate with mediums. That’s the day I realized that Dog Whisperers had to be real because what the hell was I doing. 

Last little story I want to share is short and sweet. I had a coworker who wanted to support my readings in the earlier part of my career reach out for a basic tarot reading. I had picked up a situation about moving in together with her sister and then boyfriend (now husband). Told her to go for it because it would help out financially and just be full of domestic pleasures. But along with seeing moving boxes and packing, I saw another image in my head. A ring. At that point in my spiritual journey, I had not quite grasped the confidence to really give predictions on what I saw clairvoyantly if it couldn’t be backed up with the cards as validating. So I did make note of it in the reading but didn’t tie any specific prediction to it. However, not too long after her husband reaches out to let me know of his plans to propose. I’m very happy to say they’re now happily married with a baby girl on the way and had an amazing wedding I’m beyond grateful to have experienced. 

I will be supplying more information on the Clairsenses in time so keep and eye out! Of course if you’re looking to book a reading with me my services are listed down below. ✨🃏