So you’re finally taking the jump? Though you’re still cautious of your heart dropping to your stomach, you still step off. As unnerving as this all may feel, moving forward to where you feel pulled to go is the best thing you can do. There’s a little bit of worrisome energy here, but solutions will appear as you continue forward. I kept seeing in my minds eye a safety net like they have in circus performances for the tramples artists. Like the bravery it takes for them to fall, you carry that courage as well. People may try to persuade you or push you to move in a direction you don’t want to. And you know what? You don’t have to go anywhere with anyone you don’t want to. This is a time where clear boundaries need to be enforced. People don’t get to just come and go into YOUR space as they please just because they want to. You are have so much love and are such a giver and that is a GIFT. A privilege! You have venom too. So use it, especially during this transitional phase darling. These people have to learn that this perception that your presence is for them to experience as they please isn’t right. You’ve been living under this guise of living for what others want and not for yourself. Constantly fearing what you want. Pretending to keep others happy. It doesn’t work. It’s exhausting. It’s time to do what YOU love. If not you’re going to find out soon because once you find what you love, everything else begins to feel false and soon falls away. Doing what you love, gives opportunity for more love to grow. Doing this honors your soul— it honors your body, your temple. So do that, even in the face of people that disrespect it or try to take ownership. Your body is strong. Your body, is YOURS. This is quite a big hurdle and it’s likely something you’ve been trying to overcome for years. Don’t become discouraged when you don’t see any results immediately. Because the work you are doing is seen. This may be a shock to the system for you. It may even hurt. But think of it as you shifting your overwatered plant into the sunlight. It stimulates growth. Eventually growing taller and stronger as the days pass. 

Signs and symbolism✨🃏: safety net, bridge, rainbows, light in a prism, snake venom, boundaries, spirals, curling into a ball, apples, target, crystal ball, roses, growth, reporting plant, white candle.