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Thank you for visiting my virtual creative space!

My intention here is to WOW and inspire you to do more with the clothes you don't wear anymore. If you love what I create please consider supporting my work and mission.

❤ I believe in CHALLENGING the status quo in the fashion industry. 

🔥 My mission is to REDEFINE the new normal in fashion.

📽 My BMAC page is where I share my journey, my work and take you along with me behind the scenes, while I do my part to reduce textile waste in the world. 

Here is how you can support me and my mission: 

😳 BE AMAZED = Do you enjoy the content I make? Let me know! Like, comment and share so I know what to create more of. You can also buy me a coffee as a one time Thank You! How many coffee we will drink together is up to you!

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If you don't know me, let me introduce myself.

I am an Arubian woman living in the Netherlands, mom of two amazing teenagers. I am a fashion redesigner and founder of Creative Fashion Academy. Evolved from the production industry, I enjoy ongoing challenges to share my vision of global refashioning, one upcycled puzzle piece at a time.

The global crisis was a real wake-up call for me! The situation made me realize that we only have one life and then we better do what we really like to do.

Even in these times I remain creative and I started sharing my redesigned clothing on social media, which fits very well with the sustainable and circular economy.

My mission is to inspire thousands of people to do more with the clothes that are already have, but we no longer wear. As a result, we not only extend the life of every clothing and textiles, but we also contribute to reducing the pollution of the planet.

Now that you know somethings about me, I would love to get to know you! Let's connect here on ByMeACoffee (click on follow) and on Instagram and Facebook!

Wishing you an amazing day!!

Much Love,

Charlotte Duzong

Fashion Redesigner @DuzongDesign

Founder of Creative Fashion Academy