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Steppingstones: Choices

Steppingstones: Choices

Apr 12, 2022

If you are here, now, today reading this passage you understand that it was A choice you made to engage in these spiritual scriptures just how we understand that a choice can either, make you or break you in an instant. Everything in our life is consisted of and build on our choices we make every second of our life's whether conscious or unconsciously knowing we are making them. Every step you decided to take in life has led you to where you find yourself in this current moment from the many timelines you could have chosen from. You made it your own and maybe even had to pave your own way but even than we still understand that we are a choice away from "living our best life" or changing or lives for 'the better". Therefore, having this information available does that mean that "right" or "wrong" really doesn't exists in our choices? Because most often times we always hear "Make Good Choices in Life" instead of hearing "Make Healthy Choices in life" because there's a big difference between those two analogies.

We are always hearing in the spiritual community the need to break from generational cycles and patterns but never really speak about how these patterns and cycles were made from the choices our ancestors made. Just how our choices leave imprints so do there's and most of the time, we can be walking in our ancestors' footsteps or find ourselves wanting to walk in their footsteps. I can even go further systematically in regard to generations of choices our ancestors have made, but I feel that's for another day. This is where the "Make Healthy Choices in Life" comes into play as sometimes the choices we make, to follow in their footsteps, can sometimes not be aligned with our best interest in our soul's growth. This is why we can sometimes find ourselves making unconscious choices to stay in toxic relationships, stay in unhappy jobs, live certain lifestyles, etc. because we forget we have a choice in all this and yet we are a choice away from change. Making healthy choices is understanding we always how power in choice and choosing what is best in our best interests even if we feel we made the wrong choice as there isn't really such thing of a "wrong choice" you're learning from it to be able to make a new healthy choice. Some of us can even be living a whole different lifestyle, could have been the first in the family, could be the first millionaire in your family, all because you made one choice.

This is what we call steppingstones in where we consciously leave behind imprints of our choices made and even those we haven't made, in the same very moment. You might have heard this term once in your life "all paths lead home" and we have to understand this from every perspective available as all choices also lead home it's just up to us if we want to go home or not. This analogy also helps us understand that every little decision and step causes a ripple in the universe letting us know that just by choosing you can create a greater effect in your manifestations. As we can sometimes also make choices out of fear and or confusion of the moment and even than that choice will still lead you home when you choose something different, next time, instead of the same outcome and or narrative you kept choosing.

What if I told you that by understanding and viewing your decisions in the 3D from a space of compassion and nonjudgement is what "Living in Grace" really means and resembles spiritually? Mind Blowing! because it gives me such peace knowing that my choices have power and currency in the spiritual world. We have been embedded with codes that tells us that if we make the wrong or bad choices we end up in hell or being disgraced by "God" when judgment comes. This is not what the divinity of "God" is about its about learning and understanding who we are and what we came here to do and that's sometimes making the wrong choices so we may learn and evolve as a spiritual being so that the universal energy can continue the cycle of its divinity in learning what and who it is. As within as with out, therefore, it's the same that this divinity power and you are doing now, today, in this lifetime, in this very moment reading this. There is such thing of living in grace by being aware and content of all your choices in life and knowing you always have a choice to start again.

This is a divine call to let go of all the resentment towards self or anybody else of the choices you have made until now and allow radical acceptance to transform your energy in knowing (11:11 as I say this) that there's always new possibilities available to you and no matter how bad you or others may see it you can always return to live under the light of "Grace". Choices and the free will of this "knowing" is simply a human meaning of conscious manifesting because you're conscious of the available possibilities and timelines for you to choose from and knowing that anything is possible despite the choices you have made in the past and the choices you can make now in your present moment.

Use this time to bring inner healing and acknowledgment to the imprints left behind by past selves as sometimes our feet can no longer fit in these imprints, we have created reason why it can cause so much pain in our inner being. Your choices don't make you they simply bring cosmic order in however you chose to create that order in your life.

Below are some questions for you to ask yourself and contemplate on:

  • I'm I content with my current decisions?

  • What choices do I have available right now?

  • What past choices acquire radical acceptance?

  • Do I think of my choices in a negative way?

  • Am I currently making "Healthy Choices" that benefit me?

Don't be ashamed of your answers and be open to the response you receive to help you release the shame and guilt that you may be currently carrying. If you're open to it share your perspective and or response below it will help others and you feel seen in a world where religion and hell were created to punish you for the "bad and wrong" choices, we were meant to create in order to learn and evolve.

written with love,

Ana | Charmed Wisdom

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