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Sail Mail!!

Nov 27, 2021

Hi everyone!

As you know we're back in England for the winter, we've been keeping very busy :D We have some exciting announcements coming up in the near future, so we'll be showing you what we've been up to soon!

But for now we just wanted to say a big hi and thank you to all the new people that have bought us coffees and supported our journey, and also a massive thank you to the people that regularly support us! You are all absolute legends, and we are eternally grateful. In case you missed this in previous posts, we've been enjoying sending postcards and keeping in touch with those who have sent us coffees. If you want to be on our sail mail list, we'd love to keep in touch the old school way - sending you postcards/letters!! If this is something you're interested in and haven't already done so, you can send us your address via email to [email protected] and we'll keep in touch :)

Thanks again for all your support! Lots of love, Jade Brynn and Talisman x

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