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Hi, I'm Rob, founder and singer/songwriter of Chasing Deer.

I'm so proud to have made music my full-time career over the past five years, under the name Chasing Deer, with many ups and downs including at least ten band lineups, and all the way through this neverending world pandemic. 

Because of all your support, I'm still here making music!

If you've enjoyed my performances, you can tip me on this page's Support tab. The donation is around the amount of the average coffee, which is £3 in the UK, but you can tip from anywhere in the world! 

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Where does the money go?

The money raised contributes to my £1,000 goal, covering the costs of recording new music and videos, streaming software and equipment upgrades.

If you can't afford to give financially don't worry! Making music is my pleasure, but please take my kindness and 'pay it forward' by sharing my live streams and music with your friends and loved ones around the world who may also enjoy the entertainment and company - every view is really appreciated!

I can't wait to see you as part of Chasing Deer Front Row!