I also commit mistakes in life. I am human, and just like you, I also have a lot of questions inside. I know that I’m not perfect and I also have moments when I feel so down and lonely. Sometimes, I tend to entertain negative thoughts because I simply forget God in my life. I had a lot of lapses as His child. That’s why I find it hard to accept the truth that God loves me despite my flaws. It took me so long to accept His great love in my life. I can never understand it, and every time I remember His goodness in my life, I just can’t help but feel so grateful for what He did.

His love seems so unbelievable to me. How could a powerful, perfect, and unfailing God love a sinner like me? I just can’t seem to understand His ways. I used to accept the standards of this world. I thought that for me to feel true love, I need to do something big. I need to make an effort just for me to feel treasured and accepted. But God never requires me to do something for Him. It’s just hard for me to fathom the truth that I don’t have to do anything just for Him to love me. It’s unbelievable because I never really experienced that kind of love not until I accepted Jesus in my life. He made me feel so special. He never condemned me for the wrong things that I did. Jesus stayed with me all throughout the year.

It takes faith to believe that God accepts me for who I am. I tend to look at the dirt within me, and I don’t think someone perfect and pure will love me. But then, He proved me wrong. God was there when I needed Him the most. He never makes me feel like a stranger. He treated me as His child even in moments when I forget to treat Him as my Father. It’s so amazing to encounter His love. It’s like you are in the middle of a paradise. I don’t know exactly the things that He did to my heart. But everything feels so perfect deep within.

God never stopped loving me. And it took me so many years to accept that fact. The process may take some time, but it’s worth it. The struggles, pain, and brokenness of every negative thing I experienced are nothing compared to the great love that I received from Him. He healed my wounds. And by faith, He taught me how to love Him and the people around me. I never knew what His love is all about not until He gave me the courage to believe in things that I can never comprehend.