Not all people are willing to listen to the matters of your heart. Some of them can’t handle it. So when you have a lot of negative thoughts inside, just come to God because He can handle everything. He will listen to you. Just be honest and never withhold yourself from telling Him about the things that are bothering you. His ears are open. God will not condemn you for what you truly feel inside. You have emotions, and you always have the right to acknowledge them. So be honest to God, and He will be your friend. He will listen to your stories and even negative thoughts you have in mind until you are ready to surrender all of it in His presence.

God can handle your frustrations. You may think that He has no time to listen to your negative thoughts. But remember that you are so important in His eyes. He always makes time for you, and you can always trust Him. So tell Him about your bad day. Share to Him the person who annoyed you. Tell Him about the negative thoughts that you have about yourself. God will listen. He knows that you just need someone who will be there for you, and you can always rely on Him. He is the one who can comfort you. And you need to offer Him everything so that He can heal your heart.