The waiting season is one of the most incredible parts of the process wherein you will grow and become a better person. It will test your character, your faith, and above all, your patience. If you truly wait for God’s miracle with excitement, then you will see yourself growing in His presence. Because sometimes, the miracle isn’t just about the great blessings that you will receive. But it’s all about who you become while you wait. The lessons you learned along the way, the experiences you have with God, and the failures you experienced are valuable things that you can always carry with you. The journey may be tough, but being able to experience the simple miracles of God along the way is more than enough.

The process may take longer, but you will never be the same person again. God is molding you into a better person. Some people may say that waiting is just a waste of time, but it’s one of the best moments that you should experience here on earth. If you just learn to wait with God, you will value the journey more than the miracles you’ve been waiting for. You will learn to treasure His ways along the process. You will be a better person—a stronger, mature, and responsible one. Maybe you can’t appreciate it now but wait and see. God will turn your waiting journey into a wonderful testimony.