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Hey 👋 I'm Chelsea Usher. 

I'm a writer, a book reviewer, and a teacher!

I write mostly short fiction, but some auto-bio short stuff too. I'm trying my hand at the Herculean task at redrafting my first attempt at a novel - currently called The Gem Guardian. I'll be posting my chapters here for Platinum Members, so make sure to sign up!

I also write book reviews! I read mostly YA and fantasy with female-centric stories that flip the script on what traditional gender roles should be. I'll post book reviews here when they fit in with my own original content vibes. 

I teach 9-12th English classes. We focus on reading and writing analytically mostly, but I throw in creative writing where I can - and get a lot of really fun work out of them! As I create 9-12 content that aligns to creative writing, I'll throw that up here too!

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