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Free Movement Resources Library

May 17, 2022

Hi y'all! Over the years, I've had the privilege of attending a variety of trainings related to community organizing. These trainings have introduced me to the concept of community organizing, the history of the labor movement, understanding concepts like self-interest and power, and have allowed me to develop the skills that are critical to successfully organizing our neighbors like: one-on-ones, deep canvassing, strategic campaigning, agitation, and so on.

I've always saved the resources from these trainings for later reference, but since I also don't believe in gatekeeping information related to working together towards liberation, so I've been compiling all of these resources into a Google Drive folder that I am calling the "Movement Resources Library." This Google Drive is not by any means comprehensive, as it just contains the resources that I have been given access to over the years. I'm always adding to it as I come across new resources, and I would love for you to share resources that have been helpful to you that aren't currently included!

The Drive is also not super well organized, but it is functional enough to serve as a starting point or a supplement to the work that you're already doing.

You can find the folder through this portal.

And remember that these resources are FREE, but you're always welcome to buy me a coffee if they feel valuable to you. ;)

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