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Hi, my name is Chiarù and I am a cultural hacker, a culture nerd.

I am a full-time inquisitive person: always researching the why and how of things. 

The most authentic way to tell you who I am is definitely through the eyes of those around me.

Well, if I were to meet my family or friends, two would be the most popular phrases:

"Chiara always asks and asks you a lot of questions. You find her perpetually with a book in her hand studying." 

"If she sees a door, she turns the handle and tries to open it. She is constantly exploring."

Don't do that smirk: I warned you that I'm a nerd.

In short: I ask, I'm a walking why, and I peek, who knows what I might find.

I forgot: I have a heart that dribbles, basketball has seen me grow (especially in height), and a soul from countless homes around the world, because traveling for me is purest oxygen.

As you can see, I am a girl of many passions, and it is from this very detail that a question will arise: "How many hours does she have a day?"

It is precisely from my ability, or madness, to be in so many different places, sometimes countries, within the same day, with a change of outfit attached, or rather in my backpack, that the most beautiful and my own nickname I have ever been given is born: Ubiquity.

Anywhere, anywhere.

After all...some say the night brings me it brings airline ticket reservations! 

Before we say goodbye, I reveal one last funny dream in the drawer: my ikigai, that is, the reason I get out of bed every morning, is to eat a cookie in every country in the world. In short, I have found myself the sweetest of "excuses" for always having my hand luggage, my heart, ready for a new adventure.

Now I have a question for you: would you like to have me as your traveling buddy?


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