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Happiness is found when you are on your ...

Happiness is found when you are on your journey of finding your most authentic self

Jun 13, 2021

Here’s a reminder to be our most authentic selves today✨

"To me, happiness is found when I am on my own journey of finding my most authentic self." - Jeannette Qhek

The keyword here is “journey” (of finding)
The thing is, you probably never find yourself. Even if you do, it may take an entire lifetime. For we are constantly changing, growing and being shaped by new experiences. Because the process of self- discovery never ends. 

Yet, I see it as a way of living and a life-long journey. It’s a mindful approach towards life which gives the greatest happiness because in the process I learn more about my purpose, my motivations and inner beliefs and what I am meant to do. Not what I have been told by others, but what I have discovered for myself through the “journey” of learning self-awareness and introspection. 

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