Dear all Chillchat members and supporters,

We have recently been notified by BMC (buy me a coffee) that PayPal stopped partnership with them for reasons of their own. Therefore, some of you guys who have chosen PayPal as your subscription method may encounter membership renewal failures. Once this happens, you will get an email from BMC for re-subscription via a new payment method, such as a Debit/Credit card.

You can see the step-by-step of how to change your payment method here:

We are so sorry for this sudden change that none of us could have foreseen, and any inconvenience that it may cause you... But, once you re-subscribe you will get ANOTHER shoutout! XD

Also, we’ve been getting messages saying that some of you guys want to become a Chillchat member but don’t have PayPal. Now you can simply use a Debit/Credit card! 

Again, we appreciate all of your love, support, feedback and without you guys, Chillchat wouldn’t have gone so far. If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a message here on BMC.

Karen & 柏威