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Hey yo there. My name is Miguel, and I’m the guy behind Chill Music Club.

Remember when small music blogs ruled the internet?

When music blogs were reppin the underground?

When music blogs used to ride the wave and gave you under the radar artists to tell your friends about?

Chill Music Club is a place for music lovers like you who miss the golden days before music streaming was a thing.

A little corner of the internet where you can discover new and old music without algorithms predicting and dictating your music taste.

From obscure Japanese Jazz from the 1970s, to laidback House music from the Canadian Riviera, to ambient music that makes you feel like a woodpecker chillin' in a big forest.

Because variety is the spice of life. And life is too short to listen to bad music.

Chill Music Club is 100% free.

But if you appreciate what I’m doing here and want to say thanks why not Buy Me A Coffee?

Support from Chill Music Club fans like you helps me keep the lights on. And keeps this little side project the way it should, independent and fun for everyone. 🙏