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Hey yo there. My name is Miguel, and I’m the guy behind Chill Music Club.

Chill Music Club is the closest online substitute for that mysterious dude at the record shop who always had weird (but weirdly interesting) music tips. 

Think of it as a place to read brutally honest 6-word album reviews. And to discover New & overlooked chill music. Music that's perfect to play while you work. OR for those moments you just want to sit back and zone out. Because REASONS.

But who the heck am I?

You might remember me as guy behind the vinyl subscription club That Special Record.

Or as the guy who created the hashtag #ihaveathingforvinyl on Instagram (over 60.000 posts and counting).

If you're like me music can make a huuuuuuuge difference in your workday AND your life.

 In April 2020, in the middle of a nasty Global pandemic, I (unconsciously) started creating a little online archive of album reviews on Twitter.

I needed music to help me stay sane and focused. Ambient, drone, minimal-classical or anything calm and soothing for work.

So I tweeted this

What started as a daily music recommendation thread ended evolving into something different.

After a month or two I stopped tweeting. I didn’t have the mental energy to write daily music tweets.

But I slowly started building a private little website (just for myself).

Here's how the whole thing worked.

Whenever I discovered a chilled record I liked, I'd write down a 6-word album review.

Then I'd create a page for each new record on my private little website.

Each page would include basic stuff like:

- 6-word album review,

- Album rating (On a scale of ✭ to ✭✭✭✭✭),

- Record label name, - Release date,

- Music Genre,

- Country,

- Similar artists.

I also created mood tags so I could search for music based on my mood.

But I gave them quirky names like "Gotta Stay Focused Today", "Chill By The Sea", "Life Sucks & I Need A Beer", "Where’s The Pool Party?", "Dinner For One" or "Whateva, just play some random music."

I started this thingy as a personal and private side-project, but now I’m sharing it with the World.

Because music is a hell of a powerful thing.

Music has really helped many of us (me included) stay sane during this Covid-19 pandemic craziness.

And the truth is, we’ve all been affected in some way by this nasty pandemic. But the music industry has been hit really hard by Covid-19, especially independent artists, bands, DJs and small record labels.

So Chill Music Club is also my way of saying thank you to them all.

Chill Music Club is 100% free. Today. And forever.

But if you appreciate what I’m doing here and want to say thanks why not Buy Me A Coffee?

Support from Chill Music Club fans like you helps me keep the lights on. And keeps this little side project the way it should, independent and fun for everyone.