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Hey 👋 We're Linda Dong, Jessie Char, and May-Li Khoe. We're compiling lists of our favorite entrees and delivery methods from chinese food restaurants that are still open during shelter-in-place at

We started with San Francisco and just added Manhattan, Brooklyn, Oakland and Seattle. We'll continue to update available delivery methods and restaurants.

Your donations help us cover the costs of hosting and maintaining the sites. We’ll donate all funds beyond that to AAFE's Small Business Relief Fund.


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I think this is fantastic. I support this mission 100%

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This is fantastic! Thank you for doing this.

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A great idea!!

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I love close to the international district in Seattle. I shop and dine there several times a week and it breaks my heart to see the impact the pandemic has on the community. Thank you for helping them. ❤️❤️❤️