Buy Christian Hammond a coffee


Hi! I'm Christian Hammond. I've been reporting on COVID-19 for Butte County, CA through the dashboard and on and I also sometimes provide fire-related resources (such as for the Dixie Fire).

I also work on a variety of other things, from open source projects (free software made available to anyone who wants it) to my software company, Beanbag.

But you're probably here because of my COVID reporting.

I don't do any of my COVID work for money. Your thanks is more than enough. That said, I've had many people ask for a way to donate to me, and finally got talked into putting this together.

If you're a follower of my reports or dashboard, please don't feel you need to donate. I'm not asking for or expecting anything in return. Either way, you have my sincere thanks for following along this past year, and doing your part to make our community safe.