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Hi, I am Gaurav, I create open-source content for DevOps, SRE, and Developers and you can help me with this.

How I have contributed?

1. More than 250+ open-source articles for DevOps and SRE to help them in their field. All free of cost.

2. More than 300K unique visits on Learnsteps articles and more than 400K views.

3. Published an app on google play store for providing content on mobile. APPLINK.

4. Self-published a book for Interview preparation for DevOps and SRE. Available for free on Github.

5. Few small contributions on foss projects like safety, Kubernetes python client, open API generator, cilium, and other smaller projects.

6. Maintain a Facebook group and a LinkedIn group where people share content around DevOps and SRE space and learn.

Why sponsor?

A lot of my time goes into developing content and maintaining websites for the community. I am bearing all the costs of websites and resources. The time is spent here is limited as per my capacity because this work is unpaid. Your sponsorship will help me put more time into it and create more content. Also, this will help me bear the cost of the resources used. I also have a lot of plans to create a full-fledge pathway and training modules for the community which is very tough right now. I love doing this and if the sponsorship reaches a certain level, I might switch to creating free educational content for the community as my full-time gig.

As all of my content is free, I cannot offer you anything extra on here but my eternal gratitude. You will certainly help the community by enabling me to create more content. Rest assured, I am always open to discussions on new technology and you can reach me on LinkedIn.

Gaurav Yadav

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