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I'm a marketer (currently at Google and previously at two startups that were acquired by Amazon) and founder (built a profitable SaaS business and sold it in 6 months). 

I've personally helped over 50 people with their careers -- helping people at all stages of the job funnel including how to get a phone screen at Google to negotiating a salary to make 2x more. 

I think more career knowledge should be shared to help people land on their feet during this unprecedented time so I'm happy to help. And, if you want to buy me a coffee after our chat, feel free to. 

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Thanks Chris! Always a good time for coffee, be it real or virtual. I'll ping you once I put something down. Looking forward to hearing about your progress. Cheers! Drew

Johnny Mai
Johnny Mai bought 3 coffees.

Thank you for sharing your professional story and views of product marketing! I am grateful for your advice and resume tips.

Thao Bui
Thao Bui bought 5 coffees. is a great platform for communication and consulting, and Chris is a incredibly helpful marketing expert! He is able to concisely advise based on his vast experience and clearly explain what needs to be conveyed in the time allotted!

Thanks Thao! Really enjoyed our conversation and wishing you all the best with your MBA!

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Thanks for taking some time to chat- was great to connect and chat more about your experience in product marketing and giving tips to break into the field!

Thanks, Alyssa! Looking forward to connecting again soon.

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