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In the magical words of Mickey Mouse, "Hi there, pal!"

Thank you for taking a minute to visit my profile on Buy Me A Coffee. If I have inspired you, served you well, and/or perhaps sprinkled extra pixie magic to your day—and you would like to say "thank you"—all you need to do is simply Buy Me A Coffee through this page. 

Whether I provided you a vacation quote and you booked or not booked, or maybe you are returning from a wonderful and special vacation, and you would like to send a small thank you for my services—please do. It would mean so much to me. 

As a vacation planner, my services are 100% complimentary. When I quote prospective and returning clients, I do not make any income during that process. I work hard and take time for each quote, again with no compensation to me. A small cup of "joe" would be greatly appreciated for my effort. And please know, should you decide to do so, I am deeply humbled and very grateful for your contribution! Should you decide to do so, thank you in advance for the magical go-go juice (ahem, coffee), the liquid gold (java). 

Keep dreaming big dreams, my friend. I hope you have a magical day, and again, thank you!

Chris Breedlove, co-owner
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