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Since I ditched my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts and disabled comments on my blog, BMC membership is now my main social media outlet for online comments and conversations. Thanks for the support! =)
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I'll be posting comic strips, sketches and works in progress from my sketchbook, blog posts, freelance writing tips, youtube vlogs and other behind-the-scenes stuff.

I'm not an expert on anything, but I'm trying to improve my life while sharing bits of my journey on here as I go. I hope you find some of it to be helpful and encouraging.

Whatever stuff you're going through in life, know that there is always hope and always room to grow. Just don't give up.

Be sure to click the heart buttons and leave comments and questions on posts to let me know what your favorite stuff is. Okay, thanks for checking me out and supporting my work here on BMC.

Have a great day! =)


Vlogs: Chris Desatoff on Youtube

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