Every other day defines if we succeed or fail at our Goals

Everyday creates the Life we want

Blogging is a lot of fun, especially the writing and ideating part of it. SEO and the digital marketing stuff although exciting can be quite technical 😅.

What keeps me motivated is two things. First is my passion to communicate and secondly my desire to use writing as a medium.

Education and the Art of Public Speaking 🙄

You see I am an Educator. As Educators, we can really speak a lot. If you have been following my blog, you know this has not always been the case.

Yes, It was a journey. It was one of the goals I achieved. Overcoming the fear of public speaking did not come easy.

It was painful. Looking back I realize, it was the constant working on myself.

Keeping the focus on what I wanted that made the difference.

So What does working on yourself actually mean? Let me tell you...

It means realizing there's a problem to solve. Yes as a cismale, I am more prone to solution-seeking and dispensing.

Some useful Life Lessons 🤯

At the cost of not being preachy, I would like to say it does help to realize there is a problem.

But to accompany self-pity is not really useful. I have realized that learning and exploring myself through a lot of reading and courses have helped me.

Secondly, I would like to stress the importance of taking action. Learning has added more force to my actions.

It made my actions more deliberate and eventually more measurable. At the end of the day, As an Educator, I realize how far I have come just by taking small steps.

Conclusion 🍺

To conclude I would like to say,

Here are some of the lessons I learned,

Lesson 1: Take ownership of the problems you face.

Lesson 2: Forceful and Deliberate Action works wonders

Lesson 3: Feedback gets you closer to your goals

So, Yes ...Achieving your goals is a routine or a habit that involves taking small leaps of faith with reason and powerful.