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Hey 👋  I'm Chris and a couple of years ago I made a complete pivot in life (piiivvvvooottt!). I ran a marketing company and wrote a podcasting book which were both doing quite well but it didn't quite "do it for me".... I had always wanted to work outside, and always loved growing great food. So in 2019 me and my wife Emily made this a reality and moved to a field, to start a farm and an off-grid home.

This is me documenting that journey... The first year has been so full of adventures that I started to write them into a book which I had planned to publish. However I got to thinking and after some bad experiences with self publishing my last book I have decided I want to get this out to you in a different way... So here it is!

The book I am writing but online... The Misadventures of a First Year Farmer... and beyond.