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Welcome to my BMC page. I am an individual researcher, a blogger, and a developer. When I was studying my MPhil in Computational Intelligence, I observed that many students and researchers are, however, lack of a strong background in computer programming. Computer issues kill a lot of their time and energy when they have to review papers, conduct experiments, and writing reports and theses. My GitHub Page is to share my programming and computer skills as well as research experience for solving their headaches.

Furthermore, I am being in a team of a local non-profit association that promotes Design Thinking as an innovation mindset to the public in Hong Kong. We organize workshops and hackathons inside our innovation group. One major activity in the creative process is prototyping. We need to make samples to taste our ideas. This requires a lot of skills. Thus, I also created another website called Craftweeks, which promotes DIY skills and techs, such as STEM and 3D printing.

If you like my content, please consider buying some coffee for me. Your little help can support me to keep producing knowledgeable content and useful apps and scripts. Your contribution will not only help me but also the developer community to grow. This would return a greater value to you and the world in the future.