Correct me if I’m wrong , but when you see a tag line like  “passive income “ or  “passive daily income “ What’s the first thing that pops into your mind? Free money , Fast money , Easy Money , slow money , consistent money? For me it’s “ a type of auto-generated cash flow where I don’t have to do sh%t “ So Ideally , the benefits of having a few Passive Daily Income streams goes without saying.  

The problem is ,  In this game it’s never that simple there is usually a catch. I try to always keep a couple of things in mind anytime I come across these things. 

The first thing is to always remember that This Game I just referenced ,  is rigged.

That’s a number one.  Yeah , sorry to disappoint and also that whole “money for nothing chicks for free” thing?  Its bullshit. Even winning the lottery or hitting a jackpot , it’s never for nothing  it always comes at a price. 

And if that’s not convincing enough,  think about the last time you saw ANYBODY playing a Guitar on MTV ? :-)

 ( If you were born after 1992 just google money for nothing / chicks for free and you’ll get the reference) 

Number 2. 

 The best Passive daily income Set ups  always require some kind of capital investment. 

And Number 3. 

The higher the investment , The larger the returns. if you are looking to earn a high return on investment % then consider your position. And what it would mean as far as a return % if you invested more ?


Is the Ultimate Passive Daily Income!


We are a company that has been mining cryptocurrencies since 2017. It Is Profitable To Work With Us. Reliable. Promising” 

  • KubeHash is GHS cloud mining operation that actually Works! It’s all in the platform no hardware required said it and forget it you don’t have to login every day it’s going. Basically it’s like this. 

You are mining bitcoin but  without dropping cash on expensive software or on a mining device. A

Simply put SET IT ….FORGET IT  now here’s how to sign up 

  1. Sign up on the url 

  2. Create an account 

  • Select what you want to mine 

  • And Grab your daily ghs Booster 

  • Bitcoin

  • Litecoin

  • Ethereum

  • Dogecoin

  • TRON

  • Solana

Now , just to be clear what I am suggesting is if you Truly do want a passive daily income stream then GHS-Mining is basically handing you the keys to the kingdom. It all comes down to initial deposit /investment. 

Small price to pay to generate a small amount of money gradually over time.