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Thanks for listening to my music - whether you've been watching my music videos, using my piano tutorial videos, listening to the Covid Sessions or coming to see & hear the monthly 'Pianoscapes' concerts - I hope you've found them useful and enjoyable.  

If you feel  that you can  buy me a coffee (or even better, two - one is never enough...!) to  show your appreciation that would be great  :-)  Thankyou!!

Carol Sandys
Carol Sandys bought a coffee.

Thanks Carol! I hope you enjoyed the music.

Alli Neal
Alli Neal bought a coffee.

Hi Chris, Hope you're well. Hope to access the link to listen to the recording of the session on 21st March.

Hi Alli, good to hear from you! I'll email the link across.

Jessica Hobbs
Jessica Hobbs bought 2 coffees.

Hi Chris. Hope you are well and we are not too late to see your latest performance! Jess.

Hi Jess! Great to hear from you. No, you're not too late - I'll email the link across!

Denise Poole
Denise Poole bought 2 coffees.

Looking forward to hearing this Chris.

Thankyou Denise! I will email you the link - enjoy!

Martin bought a coffee.

Hi Chris. Thank you for sharing the music. Hope we can all get together soon. X

Thanks Martin, and yes, here's to that! The link is on its way for your listening pleasure... x