Iron Man

Jingle Bells

Seven Nation Army

Smoke On The Water

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Versions easy enough for you to learn as your first song. Or, for you to teach someone else, and you can be the hero. 

Iron man and Seven Nation Army are on one string, and will even work on guitars that are out of tune. Smoke on The Water uses two strings, but it can be played with one finger. Jingle Bells is the most difficult, and uses two strings.

These are meant to be as easy as possible. So you can have fun, and share.


This is a Version 1.0 product, and there will be free updates and additional extras added later. Your input can shape what I add. I think I'll add versions with standard notation too for other instrumentalists in my first update. What do you think?


The links can be opened on a desktop computer, or mobile device in a PDF reader app. On desktop they should work straight away. On iPhone, you can import the PDF to Books for the links to work. 


If you know how to play guitar I'm sure you can whip through these in five minutes, but I'm also sure you know somebody that could benefit from them. You could help them learn these songs, and be the hero yourself. 


Join us online, and make new music friends. Share your videos of you (and your students) playing these easy melodies. We will cheer you on, and share your successes!

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