The Guitar Archive is the quickest path to guitar mastery I know of. Developed over 20 years of teaching guitar, it is my personal method for learn to play the guitar quickly, while having fun.

It is meant to be a reference to guide you step by step, as well as to show you the path to the future. Organized by skills, and categories of material it is a quick way to jump between topics while maintaining perspective on what you are trying to achieve. You can print it all out, and use it as a comprehensive method, or jump from section to section to build a weekly practice routine. It could even be used for you to teach your own students to play guitar.

Let's get started!

First, this is the first version of the Guitar Archive, and all updates will be free. Email your purchase information to me to be notified.

Second, look around at the top level of the Guitar Archive folder, and the Table of Contents to see how the sections are organized:



1 Rhythms

2 Melodies

3 Chord Charts

4 Progressions

5 Easy Riffs

6 Songs

7 Scales

8 Tests

9 Rhythm Riffs

10 More

Blank paper

Guitar maintenance

Lists of Songs to Learn

- based on categories and skills.

Third, look inside some of the main folders like melodies, and tests to get perspective on where are going.

Last, I recommend you build a weekly practice session by grouping material that you need to learn into a reasonable practice session. More on that later in the next article...

How to Practice