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Ninty Ninja Tier 2 is the second tier for donations to the Youtube Channel Nintendo Ninja News and my creative works at Chris Ticehurst Creative Life blog. Each membership to this tier greatly helps us mantain the creative projects I make. 
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Welcome to Nintendo Ninja News and I'm your host Chris Ticehurst. I'm here on Buy me a Coffee to help build my mission to help improve Nintendo Ninja News  - Youtube video show based on all things Nintendo: from their long history, video games to streaming and interacting with the viewers via video or on our Discord Server. 

The Patreon helps Nintendo Ninja News buy new games, improve videos and our streams with new tech and build the new Desktop PC I have in the works. These are mainly our goals for the Patreon. By supporting you will help us reach these goals quicker and be able to grow Nintendo Ninja News. 

This Patreon also helps The Creative Life Podcast which has its own web site and hosted on a podcasting service. It also has all the official creative releases I have made since 1995.