Hey Supporters,

Feb 2022 is the start of our PC building quest. The new PC case is on it's way via delivery and I'm working on picking the right motherboard when I get that one in March. It's been a long waiting for the PC Build but I'm excited to see these big changes that will make producing stream better and create new creative projects for the coming years.

This month will also be streaming some different games and working on new game reviews. Our streams have improved with some new features with lower thirds making it look more like a news program and giving people updates on future events. We are also working on better lighting and improved experience for those who watch our streams.

I'm also working on rewards for our monthly membership folk here. This includes doing a special monthly video of Q&A videos and there are special usename colors for who have BMAC Membership and are on our Discord channel.

A big thanks to thos who do donations from time to time with a coffee and a number of coffees. It always helps out and for example we are able to swing the budget around to get some lighting in the next couple weeks because of this.

I'm looking forward to another fun month of streaming and I'm working on the web site and forum board too. You should join the forum board because of the indepth discussions we can have and it gives the best picture of my creative projects and how I put them together.

Thanks all!