Jun 01, 2022

Introducing... Smokebomb Squad Tiers

Hey all,This month has been a good month meeting new subs on NNN and reducing down to three streams a week to make life easier on doing other content. The Smokebomb Store was released at Redbubble with two new merch designs during last month too. So it's been good busy and enjoying the process.Our newest idea is making the Memembership tiers easier. Smokebomb Squad Tier 1 is $6 on Youtube Membership with a special icon and emjois to play with during the streams. This tier is to help buy... more

May 11, 2022

Stream Shows looking strong and New Ideas

Hi all supporters,The past month has seen a big increase for the streams for Nintendo Ninja News. We have been averging about six viewers a hour which has been great to see. There's been also big boost in new subs and people coming along. I have indroduced the new "Upcoming Game Streams" videos for each week and the new NNN Replay where we rebroadcast single player games in full - a chance for thoise who didn't see it the first time around or a classic game that I loved and... more

Apr 07, 2022

Stream Upgrades and Retro Gaming

Hey all,It's April and we have done some upgrades to the Streams on Nintendo Ninja News with a new monitor, stream lights and making more space on the desk. The new monitor has been great and with the second monitor to the PC this has straming much easier to do. In other news the Retro Gaming collection has been boosted with a few thousand titles for the SNES Mini hacking. This is a way to have a big collection of games where we might do unknown retro titles to the most popular ones.The... more

Mar 05, 2022

NNN's 7th Birthday coming up

Hey all,Last month we got some great donations towards the PC Build and I wanna thank them here for the help and support. This month I'm working to get the SSD Hard Drive and Power Supply - two more pieces to add to the PC Build. I'm hoping that most of the pieces will come together by the middle of the year.We are looking into multistreaming for our stream shows with Twitch and Facebook. I'm leaning towards Twitch as that's still known as the best place for gaming type... more

Feb 09, 2022

Feb 2022 marks Start of PC Build

Hey Supporters,Feb 2022 is the start of our PC building quest. The new PC case is on it's way via delivery and I'm working on picking the right motherboard when I get that one in March. It's been a long waiting for the PC Build but I'm excited to see these big changes that will make producing stream better and create new creative projects for the coming years. This month will also be streaming some different games and working on new game reviews. Our streams have improved... more

Jan 12, 2022

It's 2022!

It's a new year and I'm back working on new creative projects and NNN. This year is the year of the PC Build and expanding the variety of the streams. I'll be be adding some features to our tiers in the next week or so. Keep a eye out on that and thank for your support. Ninty and I thank you alot for it.

NNN and CTC Site is on Buy me a Coffee
The streams are back!
A Big Thanks for the Stream Return
It's 2022!
Feb 2022 marks Start of PC Build