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Hey 👋 Y'all! It's your girl, Christilisa. I'm a writer, baker, recipe adapter, book enthusiast, movie and tv show lover, 90s/00s music nerd, among other things. I'm sharing my thoughts about the things above, along with whatever I feel like talking about.

In addition, I'm working on my first mystery novel, an Andi Raye Mystery series. She's an Alabama girl who moves back home to her hometown, Peaville, to become the town cookbook editor along with writing a food based newsletter. Joining her is her husband, Dean, and her two best friends, where they eat, go to festivals and get wrapped up in murder.

Similar to Andi Raye, I have a newsletter, From the Kitchen of Christilisa, where I share essays about food, recipes, books, and cookbooks. 

If you want to support my love of reading books and cookbooks, you can now buy me a book!

If you want to just support me on my book writing journey, you can buy me a book too!