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Farmall Lightning Various

Nov 08, 2020

There is a certain fineness of watching lightning in the distance. It almost seems gentle and elegant. Perception is such an interesting thing. Tonight I shot the incredible storm from different places, and experienced the beauty and silent elegance of lightning from far away, and then I got to experience the rage and the roar of the same storm as it closed in on my location. Photographing lightning for me is almost like fishing. Apart from the meditative qualities, you try and focus in one area of the the sky, and hope that you capture something, very much like casting your line into a spot of a pond or river and hoping for a bite. You get to a point where you calculate whether you should or should not try a different spot based on what you're getting there. Its an ongoing dialogue with yourself. Sometimes you get lucky, sometimes not. Tonight I shot from the side of the road in the Chartwell/Farmall at a few different locations, then had to leave because of the rain, and when I got home, I shot some more from my backyard in Farmall. The following is what I managed to capture. I hope you like them... These are composite images created from some of the images that I captured which have been overlayed to create a single image respectively. I am Proudly South African.

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